MeVis at 96th German Röntgen Congress, May 13 to 16th 2015, CCH, Hamburg

This year the annual conference of the German Radiologic Society focuses on the topic "Technology for Men".

MeVis supports participants by offering workshops targeted to breast reviewing using and comparing breast imaging modalities as mammography and tomosynthesis.

A similar training can be practiced at home likewise using the web-based interactive online training MeVis Online Academy.

High-resolution medical images, dedicated hangings, and interactive tools including verified solutions by clinical experts provide immediate and continuous assessment of training success. Using the provided features the medical practitioner is supported e.g. when evaluating calcifications or comparing digital mammography and tomosynthesis data.

Using this framework, radiologists, gynecologists, other physicians and medical students will benefit from continuing medical education. Prepare for exams - anywhere, anytime: for a better diagnosis.