MeVis at 97th German Röntgen Congress in Leipzig, Germany

The 97th German Röntgen Congress of the German Röntgen Society (DRG, Deutsche Röntgengesellschaft e.V.) will take place in Leipzig from May 4th to May 7th. Chaired by the congress president Peter Landwehr, it will inform on "The Future of Radiology" by addressing major clinical topics like spinal diseases, breast diagnostics, ultrasound in radiology and mistakes and complications in radiology.

On-site, MeVis Medical Solutions AG will offer several workshops on breast diagnosis, and for the first time together with the cardiology working group of the DRG some hands-on sessions on CT and MR cardiology.

The breast workshops are specifically designed for young breast specialists and will offer both an introduction into the basics of breast imaging and several selected cases for individual assessments.

Per case suitable mammograms, sonograms, MR images and pathology data will be displayed. Finally selected cases will be discussed with all participants. The courses on cardiologic CT and MR address participants of the basic course Cardial CT and Cardial MRT (Q1 level) and will amplify the theory via clinical cases. Clinical data and multiple choice questions will be presented in a realistic and interactive software application containing all common hanging protocols and interactive tools of a radiologic workstation. Questions may be discussed with experienced tutors.

A similar training can be practiced at home likewise using the web-based interactive online training MeVis Online Academy and the interactive teaching platform of the DRG, based on MeVis technology.

Carefully selected medical images, dedicated hangings, and interactive tools including verified solutions by clinical experts provide immediate and continuous assessment of training success.

Using the provided features the medical practitioner is supported. Thus radiologists, gynecologists, other physicians, and medical students benefit from continuing medical education. Prepare for exams - anywhere, anytime: for a better diagnosis.