MeVis presents innovative software solutions at virtual ECR 2021

MeVis Medical Solutions AG presents radiological imaging solutions and AI-enabled software innnovations at the virtual congress of the European Society of Radiology, ECR 2021. This presentation takes place at the Varex Imaging virtual exhibition.


  • Veolity is a dedicated software package for lung cancer diagnostics optimized for low dose CT lung cancer screening. Veolity includes automated AI-enabled nodule detection, automatic segmentation, temporal comparison, and optimized workflow for structured reporting.
  • Nexus DR: Full-fledged digital radiography acquisition system with advanced image processing algorithms for optimal image quality. The hardware/software system is designed to automate optimally support  of the workflow.
  • Nexus DRF: Advanced digital x-ray radiography and fluoroscopy imaging system with cardiology and angiography support. It supports seamless and simultaneous interfacing to both static and dynamic as well as wireless flat panel detectors.
  • MeVis Distant Services is the online service to provide detailed visualizations of DICOM image data of the liver and pancreas on the basis of CT and MRI image series. Interactive 3D visualizations of the individual anatomy, living donor liver transplants, and complex oncologic diseases make this service stand out.
  • MeVis Liver Suite is the world leader's volumetric image analysis software package for the liver and related vascular structures and lesions from CT and MRI. The software offers AI-based segmentation tools and derived information supporting surgeons and radiologists in quantification of anatomical structures, preoperative evaluation of surgery strategies, treatment planning and post-therapy follow-up assessment for the hepatic system including all vascular structures. Experience unique quantifications and 3D visualizations.
  • MeVis software services: Explore our OEM software development and AI-supported services including consulting and software development. Translate your ideas into cleared medical devices using our technology and support.
  • Online seminars: Register and join our live presentations during ECR 2021 from Mar. 3 - 6, 2021.

Meet MeVis at the Varex Imaging virtual exhibition.