"Zukunftstag - Future Day" at MeVis a great success again

On April 28, 2022, it was finally time again for the "Future Day" also known as "Girls' Day/Boys' Day" to take place at MeVis Medical Solutions AG. This is a nationwide activity day in Germany that is intended to help girls and boys with stereotype-free career orientation.

A team of dedicated employees had put together a varied program for the 11 pupils from grades 5 - 9.

After a warm welcome and vivid explanation of the use of our products and services by Marcus Kirchhoff, CEO at MeVis, the children went to the various workstations where they gained interesting insights into agile software development and working methods at MeVis.

In a lecture, the basics of visualizing various medical image data were shown and the use of radiation in radiotherapy was also taught.

At the mammography device, they were given a clear explanation of how medical images are created and how they are then transferred to the computer for evaluation. Afterwards, they were able to deepen their newly acquired knowledge in hands-on activities in the test lab.

The children gained exciting insights into the planning of surgical liver interventions, such as tumor removal or living donor liver transplantation, as well as into the anatomy and the specifics of the liver demonstrated with a software application developed by MeVis.

Finally, there was an exciting insight into one of our server rooms with our IT manager who showed the children - impressed by the multitude of cables and background noise - his "machine room" where the many different data such as images, documents, source codes etc. are processed and managed at MeVis.

At the end of this event we could say: "It was a pleasure for us to spend this day with you and it was great fun to present our work to you."