MeVis at RÖKO DIGITAL (101. German Röntgen Congress)

The COVID-19 pandemic leads to the complete digitalization of the German Röntgen Congress in 2020: The 101st German Röntgen Congress of the German Röntgen Society (DRG) will now become RÖKO DIGITAL with the motto "New (digital) insights". It will take place online from 21 May - 14 November, 2020.

"conrad", the e-learning platform from the MeVis Online Academy  series, plays a key role within this new setting. Participants will be able to attend virtual lectures, work on case collections of all radiological topics, or find out about latest industry offerings. Training sessions such as "Fit for the medical specialist", "Refresher", and "MTRA (radiologic technologist)" address various target groups and training topics.

The new extended schedule of the German Röntgen Congress 2020 is now adapted to the current conditions: On 21st May, 2020, the program of RÖKO DIGITAL will start with the main topics "Safety in radiology", "Artificial intelligence", and "Emergency radiology". In November 2020, the end of this congress will be celebrated with an in-person event taking place in Remscheid-Lennep, Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen`s birthplace.

Registration for RÖKO DIGITAL entitles to participate in the events of RÖKO DIGITAL and to access the recordings provided at the e-learnin platform "conrad".