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Software and services for image processing in medicine
innovative, competent, experienced

MeVis significantly contributes to the early detection and diagnostics of cancer, thus facilitating an early and tailor-made treatment of the disease. In order to meet this challenge, MeVis develops innovative software for the analysis and processing of image data which is marketed to manufacturers of medical devices and medical IT-platforms. In this connection, our competence is based on longtime technological experience and our close proximity to users. From the very beginning of a product idea, via the development of an application and their integration into customer specific platforms to the point of effective quality assurance, we accompany our industrial customers.

Our clinical focuses are the image-based early detection and diagnostics of epidemiologically significant conditions such as breast, lung, liver, prostate and intestinal cancer as well as neurological diseases. Furthermore, we provide technical visualizations for professional education, publication, presentation, and research.

MeVis software applications support any of the applicable imaging modalities, especially magnetic resonance tomography (MRT) and digital mammography, but also computer tomography (CT), tomosynthesis and digital sonography based on ultrasonics.