Breast cancer

MeVis software analyses and presents images from mammography screening and further imaging methods - supporting an early, fast and reliable diagnosis.

Based on long experience in the field of software-supported analysis of imaging examinations as well as professional competence with regard to workflow and system integration, our applications provide perfect conditions for the detection and therapy of breast cancer at the earliest possible state.

In addition to digital mammography either for screening and diagnosis, further procedures like ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computer tomography (CT), and tomosynthesis are optimally supported.

Aiming to fulfill the customer requirements especially with regard to display rates and reading speed, even in case of numerous patients and large data volumes, MeVis offers programmable workflow functions by special keyboards and an optional organization of double readings in close connection to RIS and PACS systems.

Practical methods of analysis and continuous further development provide professional users with all crucial features.