Lung diseases

MeVis software solutions automatically detect abnormalities in computer tomography images - such as lung tumors or pulmonary embolism.

Multi-slice computer tomography (MSCT) is state of the art for three-dimensional medical X-ray imaging. Due to higher resolution it plays an important role in modern lung diagnostics. It takes only a few seconds to obtain a three-dimensional image showing finest details of the entire lung. Nevertheless, analysis of the growing data volume represents an increasing challenge.

MeVis software facilitates time-efficient and safe radiological diagnosis of MSCT-images in clinical daily routine. Up-to-date algorithms for image processing and pattern recognition allow computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) of diseases in the chest area. They enable the detailed segmentation of anatomical pulmonary structures as well as the automatic detection of abnormalities (lung tumors, pulmonary embolism), their evaluation and quantification.

MeVis lung CAD-technology provides radiologists with a supporting, independent and reproducible analysis of image data - used worldwide in the scope of early detection, clinical diagnosis and therapy of lung diseases.