Neurological diseases

MeVis Software performs complex image-based analyses for neurological diseases - thus providing a basis for a safe and conservative planning of brain surgery.

fMRI-(functional magnetic resonance imaging) and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) are able to visualize functional areas such as motor or linguistic regions as well as fiber tracts. By simultaneous display (fusion) of such data with additional images, the relation of functionally important areas to brain tumors can be demonstrated - complex interrelations become obvious.

Consequently, the MeVis software solution assists the neurosurgeon in planning the optimum access path to a tumor, thus enabling a safe, conservative and reliable treatment of patients with neurological diseases.

As additional benefit, it is possible to measure the cerebrovascular blood flow by means of dynamic imaging. The application calculates different parameters (rCBV, rCBF, TTP etc.) and displays them as color charts, thus supporting the diagnosis of primary cerebrovascular disorders (stroke), the analysis of tumor malignancy and follow-up studies.