First insights into the professional world


Take the chance to participate in the autumn internship or the Girls' Day to learn something about various job profiles in the field of software development and to simultaneously solve challenging tasks.

Internship: The annual scientific-technological autumn internship at the University of Bremen's technology park provides an optimum introduction. It consists of lectures on scientific research and activities of various companies and institutes, and includes a practical part as well as accompanying excursions.

Girls' Day: For many years, MeVis engages in the promotion of young talents. On the Girls' Day, we give an insight into the pioneering work of scientists and developers in medical technology by means of an exciting and educational program. With this engagement, we aim to get girls interested in technology, science and IT.



You would like to gain practical experience in an innovative environment while studying? We offer a variety of opportunities to scientifically oriented students to put their acquired knowledge into everyday practice. Apart from temporary jobs in the field of software testing, we offer course-related internships and the supervision of theses.

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