Technology platform MeVisAP

MeVis creates practical medical software.

MeVisAP, the technology platform specifically developed by us, provides basic services such as the integration into the clinical network, license management, management of studies and work lists, processing of 2D-, 3D- and 4D-images as well as the generation of visually appealing reports and results.

Based on the client-server-technology, the user can edit his cases from any station, can ask other specialists for medical advice, and can interrupt and continue his work at any time.

Based on the modular concept, MeVis is capable to rapidly compile and combine different clinical problem solutions and image processing technologies to exactly match the customer's request

On the one hand, MeVisAP serves as a complete diagnostics platform; on the other hand, sub-functions of existing systems (RIS, PACS, system platforms) can be integrated. Contents from clinical and scientific research can easily be transferred to MeVis products - by integration of the rapid-prototyping platform MeVisLab, which is widely used in the field of medical image processing.