Learn structured reporting in lung diagnosis anywhere and anytime

The MeVis Lung-RADS app helps you to learn and gain experience in using the ACR Lung-RADS reporting scheme.

  • Look up categories and classifications easily
    The MeVis Lung-RADS app offers the reference to the specific Lung-RADS categories.
    Additionally, it includes the option to find the classification of a nodule step by step.

  • Test your knowledge on Lung-RADS
    A quiz randomly generates nodule characteristics and verifies your classification.

  • Target audience
    The MeVis Lung-RADS app is recommended for radiologists, oncologists, pulmonologists, and medical students to train the confident and reliable usage of the ACR Lung-RADS evaluation scheme.

MeVis Medical Solutions AG developed this application in cooperation with the experts of the Rescue Lung, Rescue Life Team at the Lahey Hospital and Medical Center.

The MeVis Lung-RADS app is for education purposes only, it is not a medical product and should not be used for clinical decisions.