Compliance describes the adherence to legal, internal and contractual regulations in companies. The entirety of the principles and measures for adherence to certain rules and thus for the avoidance of violations of rules and regulations is referred to as the Compliance Management System.

MeVis Medical Solutions AG considers compliance with laws, internal guidelines and fair interactions with colleagues, business partners and competitors to be an indispensable basis for successful business operations. It currently has a Compliance Management System that is appropriate for the size of the company and its risk situation.

The Compliance Guideline introduced internally is binding for all employees, providing them with a guideline for a responsible performance in day-to-day business and is designed to protect them from wrong decisions. The guideline is published on the Company's intranet, employees and managers are continuously informed and made aware of compliance and can also seek advice from the Compliance Representative at any time.

Medical Solutions AG was also integrated into the Varex Group's existing external whistleblower system. This enables employees to provide protected information on violations of the law within the Company.