Great success at this year's participation of the international MeVis-Varex team at the worldwide charity "Venuslauf"or "Venus Run"

The charity event, which has been held for 23 years in a row, funds benefit sports and exercise programs for people with cancer with its proceedings earned each year.

On this sunny September day, the participants were eager to collect kilometers knowing it was not about athletic excellence, but about the good cause – which was a great motivation and a pleasure to join as well. Everyone could participate according to his or her individual possibilities and training level, whether young or old – the Venus Run united everyone to stand up for people suffering from cancer.

Sign up is open to MeVis and Varex employees, families and friends and has become a beloved tradition to many over the years. It is an amazing opportunity to show up and perform together as a team while collecting donations for cancer charities. We collect kilometers side by side, motivate each other and create an unforgettable experience.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, participation has become even easier. You can collect kilometers from anywhere you are located: the gym, at home, or anywhere outside, even in the U.S.

The ways to participate are endless – participates can run, walk, cycle, skate, swim, go on horseback or even canoe. The run certainly offered a fun challenge to everyone – whether beginners or experienced athletes.

Our motto is every contribution counts if it can help. At the end we were happy and proud about our international team donation in favor of exercise and sports activities for people suffering from cancer.

MeVis would like to say a huge thank you to every person who joined and put in effort to support something great. We also would like to thank our sponsors who financially rewarded every kilometer covered globally for cancer charities! This year, the team of 146 participants reached 3,061 km (1,902 miles)!