Venus Charity Run 2019

MeVis team successful in charity run for cancer patients

Since 2001, the annual charity run "Auf zur Venus" has always started on the penultimate Sunday in September - and this year even in bright sunshine and summer temperatures. The 2019 Venus Run was organized by the Bremen Cancer Society, the State Sports Federation and the Bremen Self-help Groups to promote and finance sports and exercise activities for people with cancer.

As the company that contributes significantly to the early detection of cancer worldwide, MeVis Medical Solutions AG took part again with a strongly staffed team this year. Family and friends also came to support and cheer on the participants: one team, one goal - to help people with diagnosed cancer.

In order to collect kilometres and convert them into cash as a donation, a wide variety of disciplines were available to choose from: walking, jogging, Nordic walking, and cycling, depending on ability and endurance. Every kilometre counted and was valued at 50 cent to support this good cause.

After a warm-up with hot samba rhythms, the starting signal for the Venus Run was given at 11:00 a.m. Inspired by the summer temperatures, the route through the sunny Buergerpark or through the Blockland with its vast meadows was a lot of fun for everyone. A large audience, many helpers, and rousing live music provided additional motivation and spurred on the donor runners to persevere.

At the end of the day it was clear - the commitment had clearly paid off: The MeVis Medical Solutions team with 89 participants covered a distance of an incredible 1,577.5 km, breaking its previous distance record once again. An outstanding success, which helps people with cancer to improve their health and gain new strength through the donation.