Venus Charity Run 2020

Despite the Corona pandemic, the MeVis team remains highly committed to the charity run for people suffering from cancer

The annual charity run "Auf zur Venus" started on the penultimate Sunday in September, since 2001. Fortunately, despite the Corona pandemic, the run was able to take place again this year even though everything was a little different.

The 2020 Venus Run was organized by the Bremen Cancer Society, the State Sports Federation, and the Bremen Self-help Groups for the benefit of promoting and financing sports and exercise activities for cancer patients.

As a company that significantly contributes to the early detection of cancer worldwide, MeVis Medical Solutions AG once again got involved with numerous participants. This year participants started "everyone for himself - together", either alone or in small groups with family, friends, and colleagues, collecting kilometers starting at the front door and turn them into money.

A wide range of disciplines was available for selection: walking, jogging, Nordic walking, and cycling, depending on ability and endurance. Every covered kilometer contributed 50 cents to the common goal of helping cancer patients to improve their health and gain new strength.

Everyone determined the time of the starting signal for himself between 10 o'clock am and 5 o'clock pm. The participants previously received a starter pack that was used to record the covered kilometers and forward the information to the organizer.

Since 2013, the MeVis team has been increasing its mileage continously and was pleased to be able to improve its contribution from year to year. Everyone was now particularly eager to see the results under these special Corona conditions. Was it possible to maintain the upward trend?

At the end of the day it showed that the commitment had clearly paid off: the MeVis team consisting of 104 participants covered a distance of an incredible 2,941 km, an increase of almost 100% over the previous year. Hence, it proved that it is possible to help people suffering from cancer, even in times of the Corona pandemic. An outstanding success, thanks to the commitment of the MeVis team and the gained donations.