Venus Charity Run 2022

International MeVis-Varex team shows outstanding commitment at charity run for the benefit of people with cancer

Since 2001, the annual charity run "Auf zur Venus" has been held to promote and finance sports and exercise programs for people with cancer.

Despite the ongoing Corona pandemic, the starting signal for the Venus Charity Run was given again this year, and this time even quite traditionally at the so-called "Marcusbrunnen" in "Buergerpark", a listed fountain at the city park in the heart of Bremen.

Alternatively, individual participation was also possible - alone or with family, friends, and colleagues in small groups from the front door. And what was completely new this time: also from any other location worldwide!

There were various ways to participate: walking, cycling, by wheelchair, paddling, rowing, or high on horseback. Every covered kilometer counted and contributed 50 cents to the common goal of helping people with cancer.

As a company that makes an important contribution to the early detection of cancer worldwide, this year MeVis was even involved with an international team! Energetic support came from the USA: Our Varex colleagues from Chicago and New York started with their families to make their contribution as well.

On this Sunday, the weather in Bremen, Germany, was not kind to us at all, but neither thunderstorms, rain, nor hail could stop our enthusiasm and team spirit.

At the end of the day it was clear - the commitment has visibly paid off: Together the international MeVis-Varex team with 144 participants covered a distance of a fabulous 1,947 km. An outstanding success for our international team that achieved a high donation for the benefit of people suffering from cancer.

We are delighted about the willingness to help and the enthusiasm to get involved in this charity run - a big THANK YOU to the international MeVis-Varex team and to each and every one of their dedicated families  - a great performance by a great team!