Venus Charity Run 2021

Despite the ongoing Corona pandemic, the MeVis team once again showed maximum commitment at the charity run for the benefit of people with cancer

Since 2001, the annual charity run "Auf zur Venus" has been held to promote and finance sports and exercise programs for people with cancer. Despite the ongoing Corona pandemic, the starting signal for the Venus Run was given again, this year. However, everyone determined this signal for himself any time between 10:00 and 17:00 o'clock.

There were various disciplines to choose from: walking, jogging, Nordic walking, and also cycling. Every covered kilometer counted and contributed 50 cents to the common goal of helping people with cancer.

As a company that makes an important contribution to the early detection of cancer worldwide, MeVis was once again involved with a strong team, this year. All participants started "everyone for himself - together", either alone or with family, friends, and colleagues in small groups from their front door.

Although our MeVis team missed the joint event experience from previous years before the pandemic, these new flexible options made participation easier and created additional motivation.

At the end of the day it clearly showed that the MeVis team covered a distance of outstanding 1,769 km with 95 participants and once again, in another year of the Corona pandemic, successfully achieved a high donation for the benefit of people suffering from cancer.