Prostate diagnostics

MeVis software evaluates dynamic images provided by the MRI scanner, thus significantly contributing to the clarification in case of suspected prostate cancer.

The determination of the PSA-level (prostate specific antigen) in blood is one of the most common check-ups. It is not very specific. Therefore, magnetic resonance imaging is increasingly used for clarification of conspicuities.

For the diagnosis of prostate cancer by means of MRI, a contrast agent is used. Dynamic volume data sets are recorded in which the tumor can be distinguished from healthy tissue by altered properties of blood circulation. This enables a very exact characterization and localization of even small tumors (5 mm).

MeVis offers standardized diagnostics software and helps to improve the dialogue between radiologists and referring physicians (urologists, surgeons) - the visual information, an essential source for determining the course of action to be taken.