Corporate News: MeVis Medical Solutions complements product portfolio through strategic investment

MeVis Medical Solutions complements product portfolio through strategic investment: Acquisition of Pulmonary Computed Tomography (CT) Business from Hologic R2

Bremen, April 10, 2008 - MeVis Medical Solutions AG announced today that it has acquired the computed tomography (CT) software business of Hologic R2 Inc., a subsidiary of Nasdaq-listed Hologic Inc. The acquisition includes R2 products, technology and intellectual property for computer-aided-detection (CAD), advanced visualization and analysis of multi-slice CT (MSCT) lung exams and establishes new partnerships with leading medical imaging OEMs which are complementary to MeVis’ existing customer base. The acquired business provides the foundation for a significant expansion of the MeVis’ product portfolio of workflow-optimized solutions for pulmonary imaging and oncology. The acquisition, which is in the mid-seven figure range (EUR), further demonstrates MeVis’ strategy to expand its technology basis and support further product development.

'We are extremely excited about the acquisition of these best-in-class Hologic R2 products and technologies to compliment our solutions portfolio for image-based medicine,' commented Thomas Tynes, board member of MeVis Medical Solutions AG and President and CEO of MeVis’ U.S.-based subsidiary. 'We are sure to benefit from this investment and expect a significant impact on our sales and earnings over the next several years, when we will be able to exploit synergies from the introduction of new products based on the combined Hologic R2 and MeVis know-how.'

The acquired product, ImageChecker CT, was the first CT Lung CAD system approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the detection of actionable lung nodules during review of multi-slice CT chest exams. Its CAD algorithms serve as the physician's 'second pair of eyes' by examining a CT chest study and automatically marking areas that warrant further examination - enabling increased diagnostic accuracy and physician productivity. MeVis will transfer the current business to its new Milwaukee, Wisconsin-area facility and distribute the associated existing products under a new brand name as the MeVis Visia CT Lung System with the following capabilities, features and benefits:

  • Lung Nodule Detection using proprietary CAD technology, to automatically and accurately highlight, analyze and measure potential actionable lung nodules
  • Temporal Comparison to match and measure candidate nodules on current and prior exams and help determine therapy effectiveness
  • Pulmonary Artery Analysis to automatically detect and examine pulmonary artery abnormalities, such as pulmonary emboli
  • Automated Reporting including seamless integration into Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS) for an enterprise-wide workflow

MeVis Visia CT Lung System is taking the technology for early detection of lung cancer to the next level and ultimately supports physicians in saving lives. According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), lung cancer accounts for the most cancer-related deaths in both men and women accounting for about 29 percent of all cancer deaths. Lung cancer is extremely difficult to detect in its early stages, leading to a five-year survival rate as low as 15 percent for all stages of lung cancer. If lung cancer is found and treated while it is localized, however, this survival rate increases to 49 percent. Unfortunately, at present, only about 16 percent of lung cancers are found in the early stages. MeVis is committed to improving the early detection of cancer. Based on more than 10 years of technical and clinical research and development through its German research and development facility, MeVis has also established an international leadership position in software technology for the evaluation of obstructive and diffuse lung disease and invests in constant innovation.

'The existing FDA-approved, clinically validated products will allow us to serve current customers while laying the foundation for future innovation in the fight against lung disease,' explained Thomas Tynes. 'The combination of the acquired Hologic R2 products along with our existing technology, will provide the most comprehensive, clinically relevant solutions for the detection, evaluation and treatment of pulmonary disease and disorders.'