Ad hoc announcement: 13:27 / Preliminary result exceeds forecast and expectations

Bremen, October 16, 2020 – According to a preliminary assessment of the figures following the preparation of the annual financial statements for the 2019/2020 financial year, MeVis Medical Solutions AG, Bremen, [ISIN: DE000A0LBFE4], expects revenues of approx.  € 17.1 million and earnings (EBIT*) before interest and taxes of approx. € 5.5 million.

The Executive Board of the Company had originally expected revenues of between € 15.5 million and € 16.0 million and earnings (EBIT*) before interest and taxes of between € 4.5 million and € 5.0 million for fiscal year 2019/2020. The deviation from the forecast is mainly due to an unexpected positive effect from maintenance revenues at the end of the fiscal year.

The aforementioned net result for fiscal year 2019/2020 is preliminary and is subject to review by the Company's auditors and Supervisory Board. The detailed results of the past fiscal year 2019/2020 will be published on January 28, 2021.


* The use of key figures in this release is analogous to the definition in the Annual Report 2018/2019.